Self-Care During Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Your feet seem like just another body part until something happens to them, like plantar fasciitis. That's when you realize just how important those body parts are. If your feet hurt, your ability to take care of even small tasks can fade quickly as you try to combat pain. The condition is treatable, and you can see a lot of improvement through self-care measures done simultaneously with treatment from a podiatrist.

Info About Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are something many people end up struggling with at some point during their lives. However, there are some that deal with them a lot more than others. In order to have a better understanding of why you may be getting ingrown toenails and what some of the things are that you can do about them, review this information. Some helpful facts about ingrown toenails you should know – Although you can get ingrown nails in any toe, they often happen in the big toe.

Treatments That Might Help Heel Pain From Bursitis

Heel pain is a fairly common complaint and it has several causes. It can affect you if you're sedentary or if you run daily and push yourself in physical activities. One condition that can develop is bursitis in your heel. Bursitis is an inflammation in the protective fluid-filled tissue that protects your heel joint and tendons. When it is inflamed due to overuse or injury, your heel can be painful, swollen, red, and feel hot to the touch.

Cheerleading And Broken Heels Often Go Hand-In-Hand

Cheerleading is a sport that is more difficult than it may seem. Competitive cheering requires some very difficult routines and high-flying jumps. As a result, it is possible for some cheerleaders to suffer from severe heel damage. This kind of damage may lead to a broken heel. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this kind of pain. Heel Fractures Occur With Fall Damage Heel or calcaneal fractures are typically not a common problem that impacts most people.

Morton's Neuroma: A Runner's Foot Pain

If you are a jogger or runner, you already know this is a sport that can wreak havoc with your joints, particularly your knee and hips joints. But running can also cause problems with your feet. One of those problems is a condition podiatrists call Morton's neuroma. Here is what you need to be aware of. What Are The Symptoms of Morton's Neuroma? Usually, the bottom of the foot won't outwardly appear as anything is wrong.

Sock (And Shoe) It To 'Em: Foot Care For Summer Runners

With the long, bright days that warm weather brings firmly in place, you might be thinking that it's a great time to boost your summer workout routine with some outdoor running (or jogging, or walking, depending on the state of your joints). While summer is definitely the season of fun, taking your workout outside can be bad news for your feet if you're not careful with them. So if you're looking for a few ways to have your outdoor fun without ending up with tired, swollen, or even damaged feet, then here's what you need to know.

Why Take A Trip To A Podiatrist's Office?

It seems that individuals do not think of their feet until they are in a lot of pain. The problem is that if you are having pain in your feet, you could very possibly be having pain elsewhere. Taking care of your feet should be one of the top priorities in your health, and yet very few people take the time to have their feet looked at by a podiatrist. There are many different aspects of life that your feet are impacting and you may not even know it.

Foul On The Court: Three Foot, Ankle, And Knee Injuries Basketball Players Need To Be Aware Of

If you like playing basketball recreationally, then it's important that you understand ankle injuries. It's not just Lebron and other pros who can suffer from ankle and foot problems. Even if you only hit the court after work for some cardio and fun, you might end up with a pain the next day. It's important to know what exactly the different issues are and what they might present as. This way you won't panic and think that you've broken your foot when it's probably just some tight fascia or a sprain.

Treating And Healing A Bruised Heel

Bruised heels are a rather common sports injury. They can occur when you strike the heel of your foot on something hard. It's common for people to bruise their heels when they are wearing soft shoes and step on something hard with their heel. A heel bruise is really an injury to the pad of fat that lies just under the heel bone. Though the injury itself should heal in time without causing any permanent damage, it can be quite debilitating and cause a lot of pain.

4 Things You Need To Know About Paronychia

Paronychia is an infection of the skin and soft tissues around your toenails. Here are four things you need to know about this infection. What are the signs of paronychia? If you have paronychia, you may notice some or all of these symptoms: Red skin around your nail; Sore, swollen skin around your nail; Pus or other fluids oozing out from underneath your nail; Changes in the appearance of your nail, such as thickening or discoloration.

Kickboxing Injuries: 3 Injuries That May Occur To The Supporting Foot

Martial arts is very popular today, but it is very different from mainstream athletics. The injuries that can occur are much more diverse because of the techniques involved in the activity. In kickboxing, you would think that primary injuries would occur in the foot and leg that you are using to strike and kick. While kickboxers may suffer from fractures, dislocated joints and hematomas in their kicking leg, there are also significant injuries that can occur in the supporting foot and leg.