Is It An Ingrown Toenail Or Something Else? How To Tell

Ingrown toenails can be very painful. They occur when your nails begin to grow into your skin on your toe. It can happen to any of your toes, but it's most common on the big toe. This is because your big toe has thicker nails than your other toenails, but it can happen depending on your nails. If you are experiencing pain in the side of your toe, it could very well be an ingrown toenail.

On Your Feet Again: Recovering From Foot Surgery

Foot surgery of any kind is followed by a unique recovery period. Since you depend on your feet to walk around and stand, you need to be very careful about your activity levels during this time — and your recovery will seem to impact every facet of your life.  So how do you ensure a successful foot surgery recovery with as little pain and discomfort as possible? By following these tips, of course!