Debilitating Foot Pain: How Do You Get Through Your Uncomfortable Pain?

If you suffer from debilitating pain in your feet, you may search high and low for relief. Not only can your foot pain prevent you from getting through your workday, it can make your nights uncomfortable as well. You can find relief from the uncomfortable achy feeling in your feet with the information, tips, and treatment options below. 

Why Do You Suffer From Debilitating Foot Pain?

The muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your lower body can experience a substantial amount of stress each day. Much of the stress you experience from walking, standing, and even rushing around your workplace can affect your feet. If you wear the wrong shoes to work, the problems in your feet can worsen. Eventually, the muscles and tendons in your feet become stiff, tired, and weak.

If possible, try to find shoes that cushion, support, and fit your feet better. Your shoes should also feel comfortable on your heels and toes. If you have to use a shoehorn to put on your dress shoes or high heels, then the footwear may be too small or snug for your feet. 

Also, wear the right type of supportive stockings, pantyhose, or socks with your shoes. The material shouldn't chafe or squeeze your feet. Some types of hosiery can be tight enough to cut or disrupt blood circulation in your feet and ankles. Without sufficient blood flow, the nerves and muscles in your feet can become swollen, irritated, and pained. 

If your debilitating foot pain continues after trying the tips mentioned above, consult a podiatrist for additional help. 

What Can You Do Next About Your Foot Pain?

Foot pain can be a sign of arthritis, gout, and tendonitis. Pain may also affect workers who have bone fractures in their heels and toes. A podiatrist can examine both of your feet to see if you have a condition that causes chronic or debilitating pain. After a podiatrist diagnoses the reason for your debilitating pain, they'll treat it with compression stockings, ultrasound therapy, and other beneficial treatments. 

Some foot doctors host or provide podiatry clinical trials in their offices or another location. Podiatrists use the trials to try out new medications and treatments. If your foot pain isn't treatable with traditional methods, a doctor may ask you to undergo a trial to see if it helps overcome your pain. If you want to know more about clinical trials and how they work, speak to a podiatrist right away.

You find the solutions you need for your debilitating foot pain by contacting a podiatrist today.