Kickboxing Injuries: 3 Injuries That May Occur To The Supporting Foot

Martial arts is very popular today, but it is very different from mainstream athletics. The injuries that can occur are much more diverse because of the techniques involved in the activity. In kickboxing, you would think that primary injuries would occur in the foot and leg that you are using to strike and kick. While kickboxers may suffer from fractures, dislocated joints and hematomas in their kicking leg, there are also significant injuries that can occur in the supporting foot and leg. Here are three common injuries that your supporting foot can endure during kickboxing activities:

Plantar Fasciitis

This type of injury is common during kickboxing training because of the way the supporting foot and leg moves when you kick. The supporting foot needs to be elevated when you use the other leg and foot to kick and strike. It is also constantly pivoting. Significant strain is placed on the fascia because of the repetitive moves when the kick is starting and concluding. According to Healthline, this strain results in excessive inflammation of plantar fascia, which results in stiffness and pain. When this particular type of injury occurs in kickboxing, the pain will primarily be at bottom and inside of the heel. If this injury is ignored, the pain can become chronic. It may eventually alter the way that you walk while also increasing risk of injury to the back, legs, hips and knees. If the plantar fascia detaches, it can cause serious nerves damage. 

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is crucial when executing a kick. It sustains a lot of strain and there is the possibility that the Achilles tendon can undergo excessive use. This overuse can cause a serious injury to the Achilles tendon. An injury to this particular tendon generally consists of a tear or a rupture. The primary pain will occur just above the heel and along the back of the foot.  If a rupture occurs, the pain will likely be severe and abrupt.


In the ball of your foot, there are two small bones known as the sesamoid bones. During kickboxing, these bones sustain significant strain that can cause irritation, inflammation and pain underneath and behind the big toe. This particular type of injury is caused by overuse and occurs in the supporting foot. It is possible for these bones to suffer a stress fracture because of the repeated and heavy movements that take place in kickboxing. Most people will experience significant pain around the big toe. Some may even experience numbness in the big toe and second toe. 

Although preventative measures can be taken in order to reduce and usually prevent the onset of injuries, the truth remains that an injury can still occur. This is true during any form of physical activity, including martial arts. When an injury does occur, it is crucial that you speak to a foot specialist and undergo treatment for the injury, which may include anything from heat or ice therapy to orthotic devices. In addition, a podiatrist can help kickboxers prevent injuries by educating them on special stretches and techniques that work to strengthen bones, muscles, tendons and joints. Talk to experts like Dr. Russell Newsom for more information.