Is It An Ingrown Toenail Or Something Else? How To Tell

Ingrown toenails can be very painful. They occur when your nails begin to grow into your skin on your toe. It can happen to any of your toes, but it's most common on the big toe. This is because your big toe has thicker nails than your other toenails, but it can happen depending on your nails. If you are experiencing pain in the side of your toe, it could very well be an ingrown toenail. Read on for ways to tell if it's an ingrown toenail or something else.

Your Toe Is Swollen On The Side

If it's an ingrown toenail, you'll have swelling, but usually only on the side that has the ingrown nail. If it's a very bad ingrown toenail that is now infected, you may have swelling all over your toe. If this is the case, you'll need to get your ingrown toenail treated right away to prevent the infection from spreading too far and causing you to not be able to walk any longer. 

You Have Pain When You Clip Your Nails

If you have pain when you attempt to clip your nails, it could be because you have an ingrown toenail. If your nail is growing into your skin, it may be difficult to clip, as it is now growing into the skin and could be growing in rather than out. It will be harder to get the clippers behind your nail in order to clip them properly. If you are having this type of difficulty, you need to go to a podiatrist for help getting your nails clipped and having your ingrown toenail treated properly.

You Are Having A Hard Time Walking

If you are having a hard time walking, you may mistake your ingrown toenail with something else. However, the pain will be felt in the toe, which will make it harder to plant your foot properly, or when your foot slides in your shoe. Just wearing shoes altogether may be difficult. If you are feeling this type of pain, or are having a hard time walking, get to the podiatrist for help.

If you are experiencing pain in your toe, and aren't sure if it's an ingrown toenail or what it may be, get to the podiatrist for an exam, diagnosis, and treatment options so you can get back to feeling like yourself. For more information about services that a podiatrist can offer, contact a local office.